"It was sweet sounds to the ears."


"Odherreds Chamber Music Festival invited Monday night to a concert in Nykøbing Church with Hafnia Chamber Orchestra alongside pianist Gustavo Cardinal and trumpetist Joris de Rijbel, all under the direction of conductor Casper Schreiber.

NYKØBING: The chamber orchestra began with two pieces by Carl Nielsen, first "At the bier of a young artist", composed in 1910 in connection with the death of painter Oluf Harmann. Subsequently came variations on the song "Wondrous evening air". From the beginning, the orchestra performed with a warm and compact string sound, which made the two Nielsen pieces into a lyrical experience. And the last work meaningfully created a summer atmosphere in the church. Later in the program came Shostakovich's Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and Strings with pianist Gustavo Cardinal and trumpetist Joris de Rijbel.

SHORT COMMENTS FROM THE TUMPET: Despite its title, we are dealing with an actual piano concerto, since the piano plays a much larger role than the trumpet, which adds small comments to the piano voice, and only in the last movement fills more space in the music. Shostakovich wrote the concerto in 1933, and although in many respects it was more traditional in its expression, something welcomed in Stalin's Russia at the time, it had a reasonably positive reception. Gustavo Cardinal began with energetic and powerful playing, while the conductor made sure the orchestra was constantly in close musical contact with the soloist. At the same time Joris de Rijbel had the pleasure of adding little ironic comments with the trumpet, which in this way participated in infusing amusement into the music. In the last movement both soloists had opportunity to unfold, which they did with great energy and distinguished musical expression, all the time over the background of the orchestra's secure and precise accompaniment. The orchestra downright bubbled with joy. After the break, the orchestra chose to play Tchaikovsky's String Serenade in C major.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT WITH A LONG OVATION: This piece can almost be called a popular classic. Charming themes and a sweeping waltz. It was played with precision and great empathic intensity, both by the orchestra and conductor, who almost danced his way through the lush, soulful notes. It was a sumptuous version of this well-known piece, which was acknowledged with long applause at the end of the concert."


Henrik Petersen – Nordvestnyt – August 2012

Børsen"The new Hafnia Chamber Orchestra was beautiful to listen to, with music arranged by Simon Casali-Krzentowski. With his elegant gestures, Simon Casali-Krzentowski obtained absolute precision and a wonderful sound."

Ulrik Cold – Børsen – 19 June 2007

Kulturnaut"The Hafnia Chamber Orchestra played in an elegant and convincing manner. The young but thoroughly professional orchestra followed with great precision the many delays and rushes of the singers – which are typical of the bel canto singing style. Overall the orchestra was an unreserved pleasure to listen to, also in the works without soloists. One can expect a lot from Hafnia Chamber Orchestra in the future."

Rikke Nordmann – Kulturnaut – June 2007